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Redix has been updating Teerace server code actively for a long while including lots of bug fixes. The promised updates on the videos will wait until Redix's updates are implemented, though the wait might not be necessary.

March 10, 2017, 9:33 p.m. / JinAndJuice

Since around the end of October until now, there has been a gradual increase in activity in the Teerace world, both player-wise and completed-race-wise.

What is the next update? The next update will be a batch of videos replacing old records and one new map. I can't update all videos on new record times for every map. There is no automatic alert system, so you will have to alert me if the video is not updated and you have broken the record. There are still no race videos in near future. If you are up for the task on recording all the record demos for race and uploading them to YouTube, I will gladly add them.

When is the next update? It should be before mid-March of 2017. I just came back from my travels and will be traveling again in mid-March. During this time, I will try to make the biggest update possible. In the meantime, there may be other updates from other admins.

Feb. 15, 2017, 4:20 p.m. / JinAndJuice
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Registered users: 1119 (latest: Whisky)
Race maps: 237 (latest: ctf_aurochs-no-weapons)
Downloaded maps: 51097 (web)
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Finished races: 1411223
Time of finished races: 281 days 16 hrs 42 mins 16 secs
Total playtime: 899 days 1 hr 34 mins 19 secs
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