Account #
  1. Do I have to register to use teerace? #

    Yes, you do!
    Just follow these instructions.

  2. How do I get an avatar? #

    The teerace website uses gravatar.
    Just register an email on the gravatar page and use the same email here on this page.

  3. How do I log in while playing on a teerace server? #

    Just have a look at our getting started page!

  4. I gave my Mom my API token. What to do? #

    You can generate a new API token here. The old one will become invalid.

Client #
  1. Do I have to use a modified client? #

    No, you don't!
    It is recommend to use the Race Client though.

  2. I can't compile. Can I download a precompiled version of the Race-Client? #

    There are no official builds for the Race Client right now, but it will be available in near future.

General #
  1. What is Teerace? #

    Check our about page.

Maps #
  1. I have a good map. Where can I upload it? #

    You can't right now. There will be a feature for this in near future.
    For now contact us in #teerace on quakenet and we will check your map.

    Before you contact us ensure that your map fulfill the following principles:

    • doodads
    • high detail layers
    • no cheap tilesets
    • smaller than 500 KiB
Ranking #
  1. How can I get higher in rank? #

    You just have to get better!

  2. What are the awards for? #

    Well, you can show off with them.

  3. How does the scoring work? #

    Scoring is based on map rank. The table below describes how many points you get for a specific place. Only 30 first players receive points.

    Place Points
    1st 40
    2nd 34
    3rd 31
    4th 27
    5th 26
    30th 1
    31st 0
Server #
  1. Where can I find a teerace server? #

    You can just search for "teerace" in game and hope you will find a teerace server.
    Or just take a look at the servers page!

  2. How can I host a teerace server? #

    Well, unless you have a teerace server binary there is absolutely no possibility to host a teerace server.
    If you are able to compile the teerace source code you can simply compile the teerace server using "server_teerace_release" as build parameter for bam.

    The most important thing is that your server have to be registered with our website. If you want your server registered with our website please contact us in #teerace on quakenet and we will check the conditions.

Website #
  1. Who did all this awesome stuff? #

    We did!
    Just have a look on our about page.

  2. I found a bug. Where to report? #

    Contact us in #teerace on quakenet or create an issue in chaosk's github repository.